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Summer is almost upon us and even in pleasant Connecticut, undue strain will be placed on the electric grid as more and more air conditioners come on-line. Be prepared for blackouts and brownouts as the temperature rise - have a backup generator in place! Patnode Electric is your authorized Generac generator installer in the Willington, CT area.

Our generators will make sure your power stays on even as the power fails. As soon as you need it, these generators will automatically turn on to provide power and then turn off when power is restored - all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Installation is fast!

The only thing you really need for a generator is a little extra space. Installation is fast and easy with our master electrician on the job!


After that, it's simply a matter of keeping your generator in proper working order. Call us in once a year for maintenance checks - spring is usually the best time.

Generators are cost-effective:

 • Automatic generators

 • Back-up generators

 • Sales and installation

 • Generator maintenance for those we sell

 • Generator hook-up for portable


1st year of maintenance is FREE with installation of a standby generator and service contract!


Blackouts and hot temperatures go hand in hand