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Lower your energy bills!

When you need a trustworthy electrician to wire and rewire your home, give us a call at 860-429-3574. Older homes often have electrical issues because the wiring setups and panel boxes can't handle today's electronics - let us help!

Big appliances such as microwaves, computers, and refrigerators can put a big strain on your electric system. Let us make sure your wiring is set up to efficiently handle all the electric demands of modern appliances and lower those electric bills.

New construction wiring

The best way to avoid electrical troubles is to get your home started off on the right foot. Our electricians can quickly and easily wire your new home to meet your needs.


Just call us in before your construction crews begin their finishing work and let us know what you want to get out of your wiring, and we'll make it happen!

Complete electrical service:

 • Electrical system troubleshooting

 • Electrical wiring services

 • Fuse box to circuit breaker box upgrades

 • Outlet installation

 • Light switch installation

 • Outdoor lighting installation

 • Service upgrades

 • Electrical repairs

 • Remodel and addition upgrades


Dispatch fee waived for new customer service calls